International Conference
on Business in Georgia

We invite you to participate in International Conference on Business in Georgia (ICBG-2017) to meet the local business representatives face to face and to make your decisions in order to benefit from this conference enlarging the geography for your business, finding new markets for your product and meeting the possible right partners.
For more detailed information about doing business in Georgia please visit the web of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development www.economy.ge .

International Conference on Business in Georgia (ICBG-2017) opens the wide possibilities for the participants to begin the different type of successful businesses in Georgia. Being a leader in the region, Georgia is a key for cross-boarders of East and West, North and South. One can find the most attractive business environment in this country. The successful development for any kind of foreign investment is supported by the local authorities and by the legislation. The law determines legal grounds for the implementation of foreign investments in the territory of Georgia and guarantees for their protection.

The conference will be held in June 24-25, 2017 in Tbilisi at 5-star hotel, at Ballroom of Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, 1 Rose Revolution Square. Tbilisi. The conference language is English. The participants will have English-Georgian and vice versa interpreters for individual communications if/when demanded.

The deadline for registration is May 22, 2017.

Each participant will have the individual space for presentation and communication with the other interested people. The foreign participants can introduce their businesses learning about others’ proposals and about the local offers as well. They will have the possibilities to communicate face-to-face with interested parties. Actually, ICBG-2017 is a good chance for any kind of business.

Conference registration fee is 750 USD. It includes the individual presentation time with wider audience and the individual presentation space and supply as well, some additional equipment/support upon requesting; English-Georgian and vice-versa interpreter, coffee breaks and a lunches. The information about the participants’ businesses will be placed on our web as links.

Please bring your laptops with you if you need them. The internet will be available in working space. If you would like to have a big presentation which will be displayed on the full screen for the all audience and will be given some special time for wider exposition, please send the PP file to the conference organizers before May 20, 2017. The registration fee for a big presentation is 1300 USD.




ადგილობრივი მონაწილეებისათვის

საერთაშორისო ბიზნეს კონფერენცია ICBG-2017 ჩატარდება 2017 წლის 24-25 ივნისს თბილისში, სასტუმრო რედისონ ბლუ ივერიაში. რეგისტრაციის ბოლო ვადაა 22 მაისი, 2017 წელი. ICBG-2017 გაძლევთ საშუალებას გააფართოვოთ თქვენი ბიზნესის გეოგრაფია და მოიძიოთ უცხოელი პარტნიორები.

ადგილობრივი წარმომადგენლებისათვის კონფერენციაში შესაძლებელია სამი ტიპის მონაწილეობა:

     1. დიდი საერთო პრეზენტაციის მოწყობა მთლიანი აუდიტორიისათვის და ამასთან ინდივიდუალური ტიპის პრეზენტაციაც, სადაც გექნებათ ინდივიდუალური სივრცე და სხვა დაინტერესებულ პირებთან ინდივიდუალური კომუნიკაციის საშუალება. სარეგისტრაციო გადასახადია 350 აშშ დოლარი.

     2. ინდივიდუალური ტიპის პრეზენტაცია, რომლის დროსაც გექნებათ ინდივიდუალური სივრცე და სხვა დაინტერესებულ პირებთან ინდივიდუალური კომუნიკაციის საშუალება. სარეგისტრაციო გადასახადია 200 აშშ დოლარი.

     3. შეგიძლიათ უბრალოდ დაესწროთ კონფერენციას, გაეცნოთ უცხოელი და სხვა ქართველი კოლეგების ბიზნეს წინადადებებს, მიიღოთ ინფორმაცია. სარეგისტრაციო გადასახადია 150 აშშ დოლარი. სარგისტრაციო გადასახადში შედის კონფერენციაში არჩეული ტიპის მონაწილეობა, შესვენებაზე შემოთავაზებული ყავა და სადილი. კონფერენციის სამუშაო ენა არის ინგლისური. თუ უცხოელ ბიზნესმენებთან საკომუნიკაციოდ გჭირდებათ თარჯიმანი, გთხოვთ წინასწარ გვაცნობოთ ამის შესახებ. თარჯიმნის მომსახურება კონფერენციის საკომუნკაციო სესიის დროს (24 ივნისი სადილის შემდგომ კონფერენციის დახურვამდე, 15.30-18.00) არის 70 აშშ დოლარი. შეგიძლიათ ამ პროცესისათვის მოიყვანოთ თქვენი პირადი თარჯიმანი.

P.S. გთხოვთ გაითვალისწინოთ, რომ მონაწილეთა რაოდენობა შეზღუდულია.




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International Conference on Business in Georgia - 2017


The capital of Georgia

ICBG 2017

Business Conference

Business Conference

June 2017

Radisson Blue Iveria

Tbilisi, Georgia

Radisson Blue Iveria

Tbilisi, Georgia

Radisson Blue Iveria

Tbilisi, Georgia

Jvari Cathedral


Georgian Graphes

Georgia is the country of winemaking traditions



About ICBG

The ICBG-group was founded in order to strengthen the foreign business in Georgia. The ICBG-group offers the foreign business representatives the communication with local authorities and local business representatives via international conferences about doing the business in Georgia.

PH.D. Tamar Makharoblidze

The chair

Professor of Ilia
State University

PH.D. Manana Mikadze

The chair

Professor of Akaki Tsereteli
Kutaisi State University

Genadi Margvelashvili

Honorary member

Vice-Chair of Education,
Science and Culture Committee
of Parliament of Georgia

Mariam Jashi

Honorary member

Chair of Education,
Science and Culture Committee
of Parliament of Georgia

Phati Kalvashi

Honorary member

Member of Economy and Economic Policy Committee of Parliament of Georgia

Zakaria Kutsnashvili

Honorary member

Member of Parliament of Georgia

Manana Kobakhidze

Honorary member

Member of Parliament of Georgia

Practical information / Logistics

Draft of schedule

The first day – Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ballroom of Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi.

9.00-10.30 – Registration and reception ceremony
10.30 - 12.00 Meeting with local authorities from Georgian Parliament and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
12.00-12.20 Coffee break
12.20-14.00 Conference presentations
14.00-15.30 Lunch
15.30-17.00 Conference presentations
17.00-17.20 Coffee break
17.20-18.00 Conference presentations

The second day - Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ballroom of Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi.
9.30 – 11.00 Conference presentations
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break
11.30 - 14.00 Conference presentations
14.00 – 15.30 Lunch
15.30-18.00 Communication /dealing
18.00 -18.30 Closing the conference / Farewell coffee


Radiison Blue Iveria Hotel*****

Radiison Blue Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi is a five star hotel in the heart of Georgia’s capital city.
The hotel is nestled between the beautiful Mtkvari River and nearby mountain ranges. Rooms and suites each provide free high-speed, wireless Internet and beautiful views of Tbilisi. The hotel has 2 on-site culinary gems: the Filini Restaurant, where you can sample authentic Italian cuisine, and Umami, our Asian fusion restaurant. You can enjoy at the Surface Bar or at the Oxygen Bar, found on the 18th floor of the hotel for a sky-high Tbilisi experience.


Our Front Office Team will be happy to assist you with different needs:
  • Airport transportation
  • Sightseeing tours
  • City maps & Shopping recommendations
  • Airline ticket bookings and confirmations
  • Car hire
  • Postage and deliveries

Address: 1, Rose Revolution Square, 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: +995 (322) 402200
Web site: https://www.radissonblu.com


Visa information / Visiting Georgia

Visa information - Citizens of 94 countries may enter Georgia without a Visa. See more at: http://georgia.travel

Visiting Georgia
During your staying in Georgia, you may wish to see more about country. Please let the conference organizers about your plans and ask them to organize your tours and other activities.
You can also use the services of the local touristic companies:

Visit to incredible land of Georgia - the country of Golden Fleece, a birthplace of wine, fascinating dance and polyphonic songs, a place where there are no hosts and no guests, where all can travel to discover something special, without which life would be incomplete. You can visit, see and feel, fulfill your dreams, make your trip a magnificent adventure, meet people connecting old culture and tradition with ultramodern life, locals with great soul and a great instinct of ancient hospitality.
For more information please visit the web http://georgia.travel

Contact Us

ICBG group chairs
Professor Tamar Makharoblidze; Phone: +(995)599 317 776
Professor Manana Mikadze; Phone: +(995)551 350 735